5th Nov. 2005 -

Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
"Blood" Oozing Out of Eyes & Nose
"Blood" Reappears on Hand
Dick & Pat are True Life in God friends who live just down the road from us, at a mere 3 minutes walking distance. They have been coming to our home to the TLiG prayer meetings for the last 6 years or so. They still remember the early years when you could count the number of participants in the prayer group on both hands. From time to time between the scheduled prayer meetings, they come to our home to pray at our altar and dedicate special prayers for others in need.

Dick & Pat from time to time invite Marianne, Suzy and myself to go out with them for dinner. So it was also this time when they had asked us to go out with them to a restaurant after evening Mass on Saturday the 5th of November. But this time I suggested that instead of going out, we do it at our home, and that I would bring Chinese take-away food. All agreed, so we would see Dick, Pat & Marianne at our home that evening after Mass.

It was my turn to play and sing at Mass that Saturday evening. Usually Suzy and I go together, but this time Suzy said that she was going to another Church because she wanted to catch up with a certain lady regarding True Life in God prayer books. Mass at both Churches start at 6:00 pm. Off we went in our own directions.
I left the house earlier than Suzy because of the time I need to setup my keyboard and sound system in the Church. Before Suzy left, Marianne came to the house. She wasn't feeling too well and was afraid that she would pass out in Church. Instead, she chose to come to the house and pray at our altar, which Marianne does quite frequently.

The first one to arrive home after Mass was Suzy. When Suzy entered the house, Marianne said that the timing was perfect because she had just finished praying the Rosary. At about 7:20 pm Dick & Pat arrived. I was the last one to come home because it takes time to disconnect all the equipment and re-load them into the car. Besides, on my way home from Church I would stop by the neighbourhood Chinese restaurant and get some take-away.

When I arrived home and entered the living area with take-away food in my hand, I was welcomed by silence, by Dick, Pat, Marianne and Suzy looking at me with a mysterious glance on their faces. I sensed that something was going on. I became silent as well. They all urged me to look at the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I walked up to the statue and saw in complete amazement that there was "blood" coming from the eyes.
The pictures of the statues you see on this page are the ones I took shortly thereafter.

It was Dick who noticed the miracle first, as he and Pat usually walk up to the altar first to say a short prayer whenever they come to the house. Although Marianne had been praying in front of the statues for quite sometime, either she had not noticed anything unusual or she wasn't looking at the statues for anything specific.
Marianne, Pat, Suzy & Dick
In addition to "blood" from the eyes and nose, there was also "blood" in the palm of the right hand. This is the 2nd time that we have seen "blood" appearing in the right hand of the statue. The 1st time was on March 4, 2004. The blood then got gradually washed away in the months that followed by the oil flowing down the right hand palm.
Note that both statues (of our Lord and our Lady) were quite wet with oil at the time.

Note also the two drops of oil hanging from the beard of our Lord (pic below).

There is blood visible in the crevice of the wound
The hair-like particles on the right-hand are supposedly dust particles.
The arrow points to a bottle that our Lord Jesus Christ fills from time to time. We put the oil on cotton-balls and give them to people who ask for them. Many miracles and healings have taken place as a result of the use of the oil, always remembering that it is our faith and our prayers and supplications before God that moves His Heart to perform these miracles and healings.

That evening, our Lord filled the bottle as well, that was about a quarter full.
Note the two drops of oil hanging from our Lord's beard