19th Oct. 2005 -

Marianne had come to visit us, although she wasn't feeling well at the time. Because I was working upstairs in my office, I went downstairs now and then to have a chat with her. Suzy was out doing errands and was expected back shortly. Because Marianne wasn't feeling well, she decided to go home. While she was wishing me goodbye from near the stairs, I came out of my office and went to the balcony to say goodbye to her, when I noticed something red around her eyes. I said to myself that she can't be feeling that bad to have all red around her eyes. I said to her: "You know your eyes are all red, I mean, all around it!". She answered: "Oh?". She did not even know what had happened to her eyes. When I came downstairs, we realised that it may well be blood! She went to the bathroom to have a look, but I told her that she should wait with cleaning her eyes before I had recorded this special event with the digital camera. While I was taking pictures, Suzy arrived from the shops, just on time to witness what our Lord had just done.
Suzy asked Marianne to stay for the evening.

After Marianne had cleaned her eyes, tiny wounds became visible around the eye area (as shown below).

The last picture at the bottom of this page shows how tired and much older Marianne looks after what she went through spiritually: her ordeal of experiencing a drop of Christ's suffering, which our Lord chose to share with her.
Marianne's left eye has a similar tiny wound at the same location. Although hardly visible to the naked eye, both eyes have even smaller wounds that can only be seen after the original picture is enlarged on the screen.
Look how suddenly much older Marianne looks ->

Everytime when Christ gives Marianne a drop of His Passion, she is exhausted. It takes a toll on her physically.

This phenomenon of looking much older was clearly notable during Holy Week 2005. We will release pictures of this in the future.
Suzy who arrived on time to also witness the phenomenon.
It was the 1st time on 19th October 2005 that we saw blood coming from Marianne's eyes.
It happened again for the 2nd time on Friday 18th November 2005 during the youth prayer meeting at our home.

See picture at the bottom.

With the blood, there is also oil running down the cheeks.

During these moments, in addition to feeling unwell, Marianne also goes through an experience of spiritual suffering.