4th March 2004 -

Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue
"Blood" Appearing in Right Hand
It was Thursday 4th March 2004, the beginning of 2nd week of Lent and 6 days after Marianne received the stigmata wounds in front of the altar at our home.
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At about 2:30 a.m. I was woken up by our neighbour's alarm next door. At the time, our neighbours were holidaying in New Zealand and had given the remote control of their garage door to me so I could look after their house. The alarm sounded quite loud in our bedroom. I got up with my sleepy head, got hold of the remote and went outside the house, after first making sure there were no suspicious cars parked outside our houses in the cul-de-sac. I opened their garage door, punched in the code to reset the alarm, closed their door and returned to the house.

Soon, the security company that monitors our neighbour's alarm called us. I spoke to them and informed them that everything was o.k. and that I had reset the alarm.

Although I did not notice anything suspicious outside, I went to our altar to pray for protection anyway.

What I then saw startled me. In the palm of the right-hand of the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I noticed "blood"  in the crevice of the wound as well as a round red dot below it surrounded by oil. After contemplating what our Lord had done, I went and got my digital camera and started taking pictures to document this miraculous phenomenon. The adjacent picture shows exactly what He had done.

I quickly resized the pictures and emailed a couple of close friends the adjacent picture.

I felt as if God had woken me up specially to draw me to what He had done on the altar. I felt He did not want to wait till the morning to share His feelings with us, like someone eagerly wanting to say something to a friend. I felt He came to remind us all "very eagerly" of the importance of Lent.
Isn't He our Best Friend, Who desires so much intimacy from us?

After the whole thing had sunk in, a little sadness came over me thinking about His Passion, and how much He still suffers due to our rejection of everything that is He.

It was about 4:30 a.m. before I went to sleep again.

This is the 1st time that our Lord had put "blood" on His statue.
Right-hand of the Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Red substance (blood?) in the crevice of the wound and a round red dot (blood?) just below it. This is the 1st time that our Lord had put "blood" on His statue.