Wed. 25th Jan. 06 -
The miracle of tiny round "golden" particles (flakes) in the palm of Marianne's hands
Wed. 25th January 2006 was the first prayer meeting of the year for the True Life in God prayer group at our home, and Marianne and I were sitting at the back. The prayer group had finished praying the five decades of the Rosary and were on to the Jesus Rosary and the intercessory prayers, when Marianne gently nudged me to draw my attention to the palm of her hands on which were clearly visible tiny round "golden" particles, as shown in the adjacent pictures.

It was during the prayer meeting that Marianne noticed some golden flakes coming out from under her black gloves; and when she removed the gloves to see what was happening, she noticed what our Lord had done.
There were also "golden" particles around her neck and on her arms.

Our Lord's providence of the gold particles seems to be a continuation of what He started last year. More about this "gold phenomenon" in future updates.
Marianne is seated at the back, where our Lord gave her the tiny round "golden" particles in the palm of her hands
... lead me into Your purifying Fire and refine me, my King, as gold is refined, so that I am able to glorify You, for I am only committing sin after sin. Out of pity Lord, allow Your Light to shine in my darkness...
(TLiG Dec. 10, 1990)
... did you not know that you are of royal descent and that your King has been waiting for you?...
(TLiG Feb. 3, 2003)