Framed Picture of Pope John Paul II Oozes Oil At Our Home

Dec. 9, 2004 -

Yesterday Dec. 8 was the feast of the Immaculate Conception (The Orthodox Church does not have this dogma, and Suzy and I are baptised in the Armenian Orthodox Church). Nevertheless, this is a special day for us and the TLiG prayer group here, because the statue that first started to ooze oil at our home in March 2001 was our Lady's statue of the Immaculate Conception (of Lourdes).

Every year we make a point of celebrating this feastday with the prayer group, and this year (2004) about 90 people had turned up. This was the 4th time we were celebrating our Mother's feastday at our home; and as a special gift from our LORD, we also had Holy Mass.

My birthday is on September 8, which falls on our Lady's birthday according to the traditions of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches; but one Polish lady from our prayer group, Mary Joanne, who by the way found her conversion through the TLiG messages, got confused thinking that yesterday (Dec. 8) was my birthday. So she came with a present and a birthday card for me. She called me away from the others and in Suzy's office wished me happy birthday and handed me the present.

I said: "Mary, today is not my birthday. My birthday is on September 8". Noticing her embarrassment, I quickly said: "Don't worry, I will still very gladly accept your present", and she asked me to open it. When I had carefully untangled the wrapping paper, out came a framed picture of Pope John Paul II in his younger years.

As soon as I had thanked Mary, in came Marianne, who as you  know, has been given the gift of Christ's stigmata wounds. I showed Marianne the present and asked her to hold the framed picture and the card in her hands and to pray over it and to ask our Lord to bless it with His Holy Wounds. Off I went to do something else, because I still had some preparations to do before start of our prayer meeting, and people had already started coming in.

Shortly thereafter Suzy comes rushing to me saying: "You know that picture you asked Marianne to pray over, there is so much oil flowing on the glass." I rushed downstairs, and yes, oil was flowing on the front glass-plate, with the same sweet smell as the wounds on Marianne's hands.

Marianne said: "I hadn't even started praying; I only had it in my hands for a second. I was composing myself to pray in front of the statues".

In the end, everyone had a chance to witness what our LORD had done.